Social Media Life to Make Money in 2021?

The Indian footwear market has been booming like never before. I believe that we’ve made quite significant progress from Paragon and Action to Woodland and Red Chief. We have now moved on to have separate footwear for almost every outfit.

I remember the time when having just a pair of shoes, and a pair of slippers would be enough. However, now we can never have enough footwear.

The modern-day consumer needs at least a pair of flip-flops for the beach, a pair of running shoes for the gym, a pair of casual shoes for parties, formal shoes for work, and, of course, slippers for home. We want to look great right from our head to our toes.

They say that a good pair of shoes can take you places, and for me, this took a whole new meaning! Let me tell you how I started my footwear business.

 Social Media Life to Make Money in 2021? My Story Inslight

Somehow, I always knew that footwear was my destiny. I remember the teenage years that I spent drawing and painting over my white canvas school shoes.

These personalized shoes became such a hit that I would occasionally gift them to my friends. It made a perfect, thoughtful hand-made gift.

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When I started preparing for my fashion designing entrance exams, my creativity received a further boost. I branched out to using accessories like glitter, pom-poms, fabric stickers, etc. to make funkier footwear. Now, I had legitimate reasons to try out different designs and make prettier shoes! Those were some of my most creative days.

In my first year, a friend recommended that I should try displaying my creations on social media platforms. A part of me liked the idea, and a couple of clicks later, I had my own Facebook and Instagram page.

Eventually, as I kept posting my doodles, footwear creations, and design ideas and inspirations, I had a sizable following. A lot of people enjoyed customizing shoes and liked my stuff, and my followers increased. I was lucky enough to be online at the peak of social media’s popularity as it earned me an “influencer” status.

Seeing people’s engagement, likes, and comments pushed me further to get more creative and active on social media. Around this period, I even considered starting a career in designing personalized footwear.

How Selltm Helped Me

Discovering Selltm was pure serendipity. I started using the app because I heard that they have fantastic courses, and then I stumbled upon its primary purpose – reselling goods. I began purchasing shoes at wholesale rates and began tweaking them up before reselling them.

What made this arrangement even better is the fact that I did not have to make any investment to start my business! I already had my supplies at hand, and I didn’t need to open a boutique or pay rent for it. Plus, the Selltm App got me to connect with even more buyers over the Selltm networks.

I could continue studying while also earning a steady income on the side. My family had grown incredibly proud of me. This motivation got me working hard on my designs.

I started by using the catalog on Selltm and sharing it with my followers on Facebook and Instagram. Surprisingly, the response that I got was extremely overwhelming!

Once the orders started streaming in, I worked out the delivery logistics with Salem. Every purchase that my followers made through my links got me a handsome commission, and I couldn’t have been happier about this! Daily payouts directly to the bank were highly rewarding and made me feel independent.

As my client base started to grow even further, I declared a referral system to thank and encourage those who were spreading the word about my business. At the same time, Selltm’s features like 7-day returns, high-quality products, and cash on delivery options continued to add credibility to my business. They reinforced my clients’ belief in my products.

Tips to Getting Started on Reselling Footwear details in 2021?

I have always believed that footwear speaks louder than words. If you are passionate about starting a reselling business like me, here are a few tips that can help:

  • Footwear is a fashion statement. Hence, it would help if you keep your knowledge up to date on what’s trending and what’s gone out of style. Fortunately, Selltm maintains an up to date catalog where you get footwear as per the latest fashion.
  • Maintain great diversity in the products available. Try having everything from athleisure to orthopedic shoes, so that every client gets something.
  • Be open and patient while handling queries. A lot of buyers are making a first-time online purchase of shoes and might have several questions. Help them with the sizing, explain about the shoe style and fitting.
  • Talk about shoes and engage your clients even when you are not making sales. It helps establish customer rapport and opens up channels of communication.
  • Declare special offers or release a special theme-based or limited edition line around holidays, as customers are more likely to buy during that time.
  • Share high-quality images and photographs of your products over your social media handles. Post stories, especially the interactive ones to gauge what your followers think.
  • Create a database of customer data so that you can store information like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. for which they may want to buy shoes as presents. For small businesses, you can simply work with an Excel document that you can keep updating.

 Summarise of The Post

It’s surprising how profitable shoes can be. I think there is no better business than reselling shoes as you can procure them at low, wholesale rates, and sell them at a handsome rate. With just a little know-how about shoes, you can make a killer earning.

At the same time, it was the Selltm app that sealed the deal for me. I no longer had to worry about the delivery of goods, setting up the business, or hunting for clients. It was as though Selltm handed it all on a silver platter for me.

I consider myself fortunate enough to transform my active social media life into a thriving business!

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